[Request] Bundeling same Domains

Hi guys I’m atm in the situation to buy a CloudFlare Pro Plan, as I use CF now since some years and like it a lot.

My Domain Setup is this:

www.domain.de (for germany)
www.domain.ch (for switzerland, but same content as same language)
www.domain.it (for italy but actually not using it!!)

Now as my setup is multilingual (at least on domain.tld base) I would love to buy a Pro plan to speed my site up a bit

So if I buy a Pro plan this does just apply to one of these Domains (more comming)
But as they deliver exactly the same content (beside the html lang attribute) I feel like I’m paying twice for one thing.

So I planned just to redirect like this:

www.domain.ch --> de-ch.domain.de
Now my traffic would be routet through a subdomain of domain.de and I could manage it to get all languages speed up by just one CloudFlare Pro package.

But indeed this is not my plan as I would love to have seperate Domains for all languages.

I would rather love to see the ability to bundle domains with the same domain name but different tld!


can get bundled (if in the same Account!) into a “domain.tld” package and I would apply one and the same CloudFlare plan to all of these as anyway they will display the same project/site.

I think that would be fair, because if someone says: yes but you can host different sites on (for example) the domain.it domain… yes I could but I could also generate unlimited subdomains of domain.de (where the pro plan applys) and run unlimited sites at subdomains.

I dont know any devs from CF but I hope someone will read this and maybe report back if this is possible?
I this is possible I would pay 20€/month for my setup, if not its 60€/month just for different languages which would be a dealbreaker for me as it would be to expensive.
Also I want to add some more domains (just for adding other languages) and each of them would cost me additional 20€/month.

NOTE: domain.de, domain.ch & domain.it does not belong to me. “domain” is a placeholder for my domain-name


I hope you guys understand this,
best regards from germany