Reqeusting validation of setup: catch-all oneway email for receving with subdomain

I want to use a domain just to use as an email proxy when registering for newsletters and other sites. I only want it to be one-way. I also want to use subdomains for grouping of use case, so that i have the following setup.

MX Records (Cloudflare)

Actual Email: [email protected]
Proxy Domain:
Subdomain ex:

i have setup a catch all email routing for the domain and forwarded it to [email protected].

I have also added and added the MX for it the same as

Now when i register i can use both, [email protected], [email protected], it works and Cloudflare fwdโ€™s the email to [email protected].

Additionally, i have setup the DMARC to reject all fails.
TXT_dmarcv=DMARC1; p=reject; rua=mailto:[email protected]

Is this a valid setup, can i continue using it and can i register more subdomains as required ?

Sorry about the spelling mistakes, :sweat_smile:

Subdomains should be fine if you are on an Enterprise account.

Subdomains cannot use Email Routing to forward emails, unless they are part of an Enterprise account.

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Thank you

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