Reporting Issue to Cloudflare Community - Error 1000 Ray ID: 83287f8daf56643c

Hello Cloudflare Community,

Currently hosted on your network. We are facing a specific issue with error 1000 and the message “DNS points to prohibited IP.” After conducting checks, it appears that our current IP address is prohibited by the Cloudflare system, creating a conflict.

We have already taken steps on our web hosting side to change the IP address and resolve the issue. However, we would like to seek the expertise and assistance of the Cloudflare Community to ensure that all configurations on our site are correct from the Cloudflare side.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue or can provide advice on resolving error 1000, we would be grateful for any assistance.

Thank you very much for your valuable collaboration and expertise.

It looks like you are pointing to Cloudflare IPs rather than your origin. Reach out to your hosting provider for the correct IP records and then adjust your records in the Cloudflare dashboard.

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