Reporting issue from account owner...issues

@cloonan Thank you very much for your response. This is actually another issue that I need resolved…

Whenever I am trying to contact support, I get a bot response back cancelling my ticket saying that the email address that I am sending from is not associated with any account.

I can 100% guarantee that I am sending from the same email that I login to Cloudflare with, so I am boggled.

Shall I create a new ticket for this problem as well? Thanks

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Try using the “Forgot your email” link from the login screen at and type in your domain name. Then take a very close look at the email that you hopefully get to see where it’s addressed to.

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@user15238 the account you are using here/account used to contact Support is not the same as the owner shown on the account and Support cannot assist you using that email.

Next, wrt the APO/siteground issue you were/are experiencing, Support cannot really assist on these options, Siteground needs to address option 1 and/or you can disable APO as Support is unable to make changes to your configuration:

@cloonan Again, thanks for your help so far.
I tried the “Forgot Email”, and received an email from Cloudflare confirming the same email that I have been using to login to support, as well as send emails from.

I could post a screenshot here, but not sure if that is a good idea for security reasons.

Any other thoughts?

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…and it is also the same email that I use to login to my dashboard on Cloudflare…

You can also try the native way through the dashboard: Support → Contact Support → Get More Help

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Thank you, sorry for the issues, ticket 2334386 mentioned on the other thread is the one indicating not account owner.

2334050, 2332382, & 2332378 show as from the zone owner, although I see the bot misfired on 2334050, I will ask the team to investigate why.

Aside from 2334386 with the proper not zone owner message and the misfire on 2334050, are there other tickets we should investigate? I don’t see an action the team can take on your account.

The team does need to investigate why the bot got it wrong on the first reply to 050 (but not on the second reply for some odd reason). Going forward, if the bot gets it wrong again, I’d follow the same steps you did on 050 - tell us that on the ticket & let us know the ticket number here.