Reporting an Issue with /cdn-cgi/challenge-platform/h/b/scripts/alpha/invisible.js” file on my website,

Cloudflare Community,

I am reaching out to address an issue concerning the usage of the “/cdn-cgi/challenge-platform/h/b/scripts/alpha/invisible.js” file on my website,

Upon conducting a performance test on my website through Google PageSpeed Insights, I received a warning regarding the deprecated StorageType.persistent property in the invisible.js file. The report suggests utilizing the standardized instead of the aforementioned property.

This warning is located within the “Best Practices” section of the report, accessible via the following link:

I suspect that this file is integrated into my site by the Cloudflare plugin for WordPress, which manages Cloudflare settings for my website. Could you kindly provide guidance on how to resolve this issue?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Warm regards,
Ayub S.


It’s not a problem, you can ingore.

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It fixed automatically, i did not understand how is issue has been resolved.

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