Reporting Abuse

When reporting abuse, specifically abuse like phishing and malware, reporting the issue to the owner of the website seems counter productive. I can understand reporting this information to the host, but forcing me to send this to owner means they could then hide their activity to the host which would then mean they would continue being able to use that host service.

I went to fill in the report, but I’m very reluctant to send it due to this fact. I’ve reported the domains five times in the past, which puts the domain on clientHold, but they pop back up with a new domain name in a very short period of time.

I hope its not the same guys each time, but I don’t have much hope in that since the same zip file is hosted each time I report a similar site in the root of the webserver. They’re obviously script kiddies as they have no real idea how a website works, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to access the file listing in the root, but its concerning due to the amount of these that keep occurring.

Please change how the abuse reporting works and allow not sending to the website owner.

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I’m confused how we actually report abuse to cloudflare? I have a dns/domain and website security issues that seems to stem from the domain and support have redirected me to report an abuse report, and the same thing you have mentioned it shows the option to send it to the website owner

I’m really confused why support don’t send the report to the trust and safety team based on the support request

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