Reported as potential risk: blacklist_tld

Hello I have the error with ssl certificate - reported as potential risk: blacklist_tld, I used this domain for a long time and there are no risk or any bad activities.
How I can fix this ?

Where are you seeing this error? Could you please send a screenshot?

Could you please try changing CA using the API?

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and also when I tried Cloudflare the browser show this error: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

on the panel steel error (

{“result”:{“id”:“ssl”,“value”:“flexible”,“modified_on”:“2022-05-29T15:35:17.633906Z”,“certificate_status”:“pending_validation”,“validation_errors”:[{“message”:“ reported as potential risk: blacklist_tld”}],“editable”:true},“success”:true,“errors”:,“messages”:}%

That’s the first thing you should fix. Set that to Full Strict and make sure your server is properly configured.

Yes, I have tried Full Strict
{“result”:{“id”:“ssl”,“value”:“strict”,“modified_on”:“2022-05-29T15:49:17.928591Z”,“certificate_status”:“pending_validation”,“validation_errors”:[{“message”:“The requested domain uses a blacklisted TLD”},{“message”:“ reported as potential risk: blacklist_tld”}],“editable”:true},“success”:true,“errors”:,“messages”:}

and setup all key and certificate to the server (from Cloudflare Origin server)

So you are on Full Strict right now and have the certificate set up on your server?

Yes exactly (
and still getting the error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH


Try the same call @albert suggested earlier but use lets_encrypt as certificate_authority.

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It’s help!!!Thanks a lot!

@albert Thank you so much!

I did just like @albert told but changed certificate_authority to lets_encrypt as advice @sandro
And now website working well

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