Report updated: (#2930107) Want to know the contact info of

About 10 years ago, I wrote an article at
I want to delete it. However, I have forgotten my password and I couldn’t log in.
I tried very hard to find contact information of administrator but I could not find it.
Below is the link that I want to remove.

Would you please let me know How can I find any kinds of contact information of the website?
if you need any proven documents please let me know.

@deleteme.19k, the Cloudflare users on this site don’t have access to the details of other users. You could try to track down the hosting provider or domain registrar. But, suspect if you identified and connected with those organizations, they’d tell you they cannot share client detail. Perhaps a contact mechanism on the site?


Dear cloonan,
Thank very much for your reply! I tried to track down the website’s hosting provider via WhoIS and It shows

so I contacted [email protected] but no useful reply cameback ::frowning:
Where else should I further reach?

It’s a safe bet that Namecheap does not host that site. Cloudflare can’t share private customer information with you. I suggest you keep trying to find ways to contact them, or look for an account recovery process there. There’s nothing that can be done through Cloudflare.


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