Report on avg video quality and GB transferred

We are looking at Streaming and it fits out fairly straight forward requirements. The only two bits we are not sure on is:
Avg Video Quality - We need to report on this as we have some minimum quality targets - 720p in our case
Data Transferred - due to some commercial agreements we have GB limits per customer and would like to be able to report on data transferred

Does anyone know if this is possible or if we’d need to do some custom reporting/custom events via the player?

Hey @sg_nick!

Even though there are some ways to request quality levels on Stream, there is no easy way for you to determine the data transferred when using the Stream player.

I think the most straightforward way to approach this problem is to use a custom player of your own using HLS or DASH URLs Stream provides. That way, you can both enforce quality levels; and measure bandwidth consumed using browser APIs (or by multiplying the average bitrate reported on the HLS manifest with the time watched).

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