Report False Positive?

Hi, you are currently classifying our website, as a phishing site. Please could you review and delist.

I have submitted here; Cloudflare Radar

Do you need anything else?

Thank you.

That’s new for me. I don’t know if there is any way to report this. But you could try the abuse form: Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

It normally is to report abuses of pages which are served/proxied by Cloudflare, but you could try to use it to report a false flagged site.

But to be honest, I would be more interested in “why is Cloudflare categorizing your site like this”?
Maybe you site is getting abused and used for phishing attacks? Anyway, we should have more info about this and maybe a way to force Cloudflare to re-check your page and hopefully rating it differently if things git fixed.

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