Report copyright infringement

I used the abuse form :

When I put my info in, I get a message, “form expired”. Please see screenshot.

How can I report abuse?

Thank you.

Make sure to submit the report within a reasonable amount of time from when you loaded the page. Submitting it after hours or days might invalidate the submission like you see here.

Also make sure to disable ad blockers on that page as they might interfere with resources the page needs to load.


I have tried multiple times. I have used different computers, incognito mode, but I still get that error message. I have filled out the forms each time, less than 1 minute.

Is there any email I can send to directly?

Sorry for the trouble you’re encountering @MIC2000, I cannot replicate; To ensure it’s not a widespread issue, I want to replicate your steps. What browser are you using & what type of abuse did you select at the top of the form?

Aside from that, you can enter the details in an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask that they route it to the Trust & Safety team. I don’t have visibility into that queue, so cannot assist after the routing. But, I can assist in nudging it in the right direction if you share your ticket number here after you email Support.

Again, sorry for the issues.

Thank you for helping.

It’s very frustrating enough that someone would copy my brand/ideas after putting so much time and effort over the year.

I am using Chrome. I have used chrome on two computers. I go the URL:
Then Copyright Infringement & DMCA violations.

Then I fill out out all the information.

As another and different attempt, I emailed support a few hours ago. The ticket number is 1946472 .

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