Report a false positive for my website


Our WordPress website has been infected with malware recently. As soon as it was brought to our attention, WordPress malware expert has been hired on Upwork and our website is now 100% clean from malware. All plugins and themes are updated, website has been scanned with WordFence which acts as a firewall now and advanced hardening has been applied with iThemes security.

The website is: membro(dot)codigoemagrecerdevez(dot)com(dot)br

We kindly ask to remove our website from your blocklist,

Thank you.

If your website is on Cloudflare you will want to respond in the Cloudflare dashboard for your zone. If this is about Cloudflare for families you can request review of the classification at

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We’ve done that 40 days ago and the review is still “pending”

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Bumping this up because it’s really hurting our business. I saw Cloudflare members sometimes replying to these topics and clearing up the websites.

We’ve also sent an e-mail to the abuse team few days ago, but there’s still no response.

You will have received an email from Trust & Safety when the site was reported, you can reply there to get in touch with them. They are the only people who can address this, no one on the community can.

There were cases like this: Report a false positive

Where team members reply directly on the community forums.

Your block is a Trust & Safety block, it isn’t a misclassification on Radar. Only the Trust & Safety team can handle and they do not respond on the forums. Please contact them.

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