Replying to emails from Email Routing feature

I’m interested in the Email Routing feature. I would like to know what happens if I reply to emails that were received through the Email Routing feature?

For example, my domain is and I set up Email Routing at [email protected] and have it forward emails to [email protected]. If I reply to a person that sent an email to [email protected], will they see my response from [email protected] or [email protected]?

If they would see my replies from [email protected], is it possible to set the replies to be from [email protected]? Is there a plan to support this? Or in this case I need to use a proper email provider like Google Workspace, Amazon WorkMail and Microsoft 365?


It depends on how your “mydomain” mail account is set up. Some services let you set a different return address, so it would match your “example” domain address. You would have to ask your mail provider how to do this.

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