Reply By Email, or, How you can earn the "First Reply by Email" badge

Hello when using a cloudflare community form I’ve been finding out how to email someone using it it is possible isn’t it but how do I do it?

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 10.36.38 AM

So it is possible but how is it done?

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To gain that badge, you would need to reply to some topic with your e-mail (like Gmail).

For example, if you receive an email notification about replies to your topic, you can reply to my post here but when you are logged-in at your e-mail client/provider.

Mostly works when you are not at CF community forum - depending on the Preferences (settings) of your Cloudflare community account.

Try it :wink:

How do I do that though?

Oh so basically I would reply via my email service!

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@AppleSlayer Exactly.

Check if you have preferences at yout Cloudflare community account like this as an example:

I was on this form when you replied to my message so it din’t appear in my email, try a random reply then I’ll try it via email

Let me set it

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You should get an email from getting a reply. Cloudflare community lets you reply by email by replying to the email that you received from that particular reply (via your email client).

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If the tab is closed it will work won’t it?

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True also, but please check your settings too and configre them as already posted here:

@system @sdayman Can someone change the title of this topic to be like “How to gain a badge: First Reply By Email” ?

Hmm… need to disable the option that’s why it din’t work let me do that then reply

Ah I got it, it worked now!

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Yes and I’ve figured out how to do it!

Yeah, they are set that way (the way you told me too)

Nice one.

Glad it works :wink:

Yeah, how many badges are there and where can I find a list of all of them? (Cloudflare community bauges)

Here are the list of current ones for you:

List of all of them available here:

Ok, and how do I find out how to get them?

You would get a notification at the upper right corner like “Earned the_badge_title”:


Got it

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