Replacing NameServers

I purchased a domain from Namecheap and am hosting it with Godaddy.

I want to use Cloudflare to setup SSL, so my question is:

Do I replace Cloudflare’s NS’s over at Godaddy or over at Namecheap?


Namecheap. Super short answer, but post back if you have any more questions.

Thanks sdayman for your quick response…

I’ve made the change within Namecheap, and the site resolves without the ssl, but isn’t resolving with ssl

What’s the domain?

And can you provide a screenshot of the SSL and Edge Certificates section of your SSL/TLS settings screen here at Cloudflare?

Hi Sdayman,

It looks like I needed to make a few more changes under the “Crypto” tab in order to get this to work correctly…

Always use HTTPS: ON
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: ON

Thanks for all your help…

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Your original reply included your domain name, so it showed up in an email notification. So…

Your site has some mixed content:

Are you using Flexible SSL? I suspect so, and this Wordpress plugin will help eliminate the Mixed Content errors:

Thanks Sdayman,

In regards to the “Full” & “Flexible” SSL is this simply something I can choose between, or does the “Full” require that another certificate already be in place (between Cloudflare and myweb server)?

Trying to learn & decide which one I’m supposed to use…

Therefore, I guess this will determine whether I need the “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” plugin if I choose “Flexible SSL”, correct?


Thanks Sdayman for all your help…

I found a really good article explaining in detail all my questions about “Full” and “Flexible” SSL here:

Again, thanks for all your help…

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