Replacing Google Analytics with Cloudflare - what is recorded?

Hi everyone!

I like the idea of removing Google Analytics from my site to avoid the extra browser requests and (more importantly) the use of Google analytics cookies so I don’t have to access visitors to accept them.

Because I cache the majority of HTML in Cloudflare, I can’t use any origin-side log analytics tools as they see only a small percentage of the total page requests. So I will have to use the Cloudflare offering, which at least on the Free plan seems very basic.

Before switching to a paid plan, I’m wondering whether the Cloudflare edge analytics can show:

  • Visits per individual page on my site, i.e. a top-10 most visited pages or similar by time period
  • Top referring URLs, across the site and per page, e.g. social media posts or advert click-through by time period
  • Time on site per visitor (i.e. bounce rate)

I know these are very basic metrics but they are key ones for me.


As Cloudflare analytics are Privacy-First, it can’t provide bounce rate. It also doesn’t go so granular as to show a referrer for each click.

In short, you’re probably going to have to stick with Google Analytics, or something like Matomo.


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