Replacing domain with kajabi end up on Heroko

I am moving from my domain to so I simply setup my new domain using cloud flare and redirect it to kajabi. That part works well.

Now I simply want all my previous links that pointed to point my original domain to now point to my new domain (sorry can’t put them in the post as there is a limit on the number of links I can put as a new user)

I tried using a simple page Rule to do a forward from
DomainA/*. To domainB/$!

but somehow I always end up on a page about Heroku.

Thanks for your help understanding why it does this and how to fix it!

Can you post a screenshot of your page rule?

But you probably just miss a * in front of your domain. Add that and adjust the forwarding URL accordingly as well.

sure, here it is:

Yep, there is an asterisk missing (assuming you want to cover “www” too).

You can also drop rule #2 and #3.

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And if you put an asterisk in front, the $1 will have to be changed to a $2 to match the second asterisk.

Thank you so much!!!

No worries, my pleasure.

And yes, the forwarding URL needs to be adjusted too, otherwise it won’t apply the right path.

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