Replacement of default nameservers

hello everyone, I am building a website quickly with, and I want to assign it to the recently purchased domain on cloudflare.
well, going to my domain, DNS>records section there are the default Cloudflare Nameservers. is it necessary to remove them in order to apply the wix ones?
because i currently have them added in the DNS management section.
with the NS type and proxy status DNS only. (I attach screenshot).

is this correct or do I need to necessarily remove the default cloudflare ones?


You cannot change the nameservers of a domain registered with Cloudflare as is indicated at the time of purchase.

You can just use the Cloudflare DNS to point at your Wix site as here…

If you want to change to Wix nameservers, you will need to transfer your domain out of Cloudflare to another registrar.


I have done these jobs but the site still tells me it can’t find dns server as attached

You haven’t configured the DNS records. You have only added the 2 NS records. They won’t do anything and should be deleted.

You need to enter the records as in the link I gave…

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okay, I added A and CNAME without proxy correct?
And deleted the previously set nameservers.

can you check if it is ok?

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