Replace Lets Encrypt With Cloudflare SSL

I moved my website from another (with default Let’s Encrypt SSL) to Cloudflare Pages.

Screenshot attached below is about my CAA setting and DNSSEC activated.

Is there a way how to replace Let’s Encrypt with Cloudflare SSL?

Why? Is something not working?

The Cloudflare SSL is actually Digicert, which Cloudflare is phasing out.

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Certificate info on my browser is Let’s Encrypt, not Digicert or Cloudflare SSL?

Cloudflare is not a certificate authority.

I know that. I post this question because there’s an SSL feature that I activated on Cloudflare dashboard.

CF Pages currently only issues SSL certificates for custom domains from Let’s Encrypt. Afaik there is no option to change them. Neither Universal SSL nor ACM will be able to do so, since they are classified as Custom Hostname certificates, and they have higher priority than those. Custom SSL certificates may work, but you require to have a Biz plan to upload them.

More information:

If you REALLY need to use Cloudflare’s SSL certificates, you may consider using R2 instead, and automate the upload of content to it using tools like rclone. However, Cloudflare’s DigiCert CA is being deprecated, and you’ll no longer be able to obtain certificates from it.

Hope it helps!


I see. Thanks for answer.