Replace all DNS record with uploads

I often run into situations that requires a massive change on DNS records, and by uploading BIND-compatible DNS record to Cloudflare, it usually works. However when uploading the records, some of them may conflict or duplication with existing record. It is also a pain when deleting records without multi-select…

Would it be nicer if we can choose to overwrite all DNS record upon uploading, or even a wizard-like modal for users to process record conflicts and/or duplicates?


Makes sense. You might also want to look at changes which can be made via our API. Automation reduces the chances you might miss something. :slight_smile:

Cool! We indeed have in-house tools interfacing the API for managed clients, but other clients will need to login Cloudflare panel and upload themselves. Believe me, they moan every time deleting all the records before upload, even we are guiding them next to the phone. :roll_eyes:

If you’re a hosting provider I know you probably already know this but CNAMES can be your friend. :slight_smile: I understand the challenges when you re-ip or move hosts around, used to help manage a system spanning 1800+ VMs and it was very un-fun.

Are you typically working with customers updating records like a www ftp and mail type set of records where the IP addresses are all changing from a.a.a.a to b.b.b.b or is there a more complex use case?

We are solution provider that tailor make things for our customer, despite we have subside business to resell VPS and webhosting, all network is under our control, and IP assignment is mainly what pain-in-the-■■■ to reallocate with.

CNAME is not really our flavour, mainly bcuz we got rejected by CF not being a “hosting provider”, and frankly when interfacing with API it gives a straightforward “batch” mode we need, the partial protection is also a drawback for “not so good” customers that draws botnet/skid attentions.

Recently we are studying “DNS profiles”, that gives a node an alternate path when one IP is in blackhole, another profile sits in and start kicking things to the alternate interface. Thanks to the rapid propagation of Cloudflare DNS :joy:

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Hi @cs-cf I do have a usecase where I need to update about 200 domain names from a.a.a.a to b.b.b.b (moving hosts).

Is this achievable via GUI ? Or do you have a command line tool we can use ?


I do this for one of my DNS records via a cronjob (DHCP updates my device from time to time). I use the following API call:

It won’t be a “search and replace” and my opinion is by the time you work out all the entries and mechanics of the API, you could have done it via the web interface in the same amount of time. Then again, coding API calls isn’t my strong suit.