Repeatedly Forced to Change Password

I know this isn’t the place to ask, but I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find information on this, I also cannot post as I am a new user here.

I’m not sure why, but every time I try to log into my Cloudflare account I have to reset my password. I have tried typing it in, using a copy-and-paste password kinda thing, but, regardless of what I try, even if I use the same password over and over again, it’ll still tell me my credentials are wrong, and I’ll have to reset my password.

I’ll be able to log in after that, but then once my session expires, I have to reset it again.

Is this an internal issue?


I moved this to its own topic. Also, you should be able to post new threads now. All people usually need to do is look in a few threads and do some reading before new topics can be created. You can find details here:

With regard to your issue, that is not something I’ve seen before. It probably warrants contacting support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support