Repeated [Cloudflare Turnstile] Error: 600010

In my implemetions of Cloudflare’s Turnstile challenge via marsidev/react-turnstile library, I have encountered a peculiar issue where, in invisible widget mode, occasionally the challenge fails and initiates repeated retries (retry is auto by default). Even with the retry option set to auto, the challenge failed issue persist for 20 or more attempts before finally resolving successfully.

I would like to understand:

  • What could be causing this behavior? Am I overlooking something in my implementation?
  • If this behavior is indeed unusual, how can I mitigate or prevent it from occurring?

P.S: I render the turnstile on a form button click.


That 6000010 is a configuration error. Maybe check that the Turnstile site key & secret key are correctly configured in the sites’s backend and frontend.

But first,

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  2. Disable any browser extensions that may be blocking scripts or cookies.
  3. Try using a different browser or device.

If the issue persists, you may want to ping the team on discord Cloudflare Developers

Thanks for your reply @cloonan. I have confirmed that the Turnstile site key and secret key are properly configured in the application’s .env files.

I want to draw you attention that the application displays a widget upon form submission and removes it after success(.i.e. when navigating to another page).but, if the said step is repeated, the challenge starts failing, even upon retry. Additionally, following the manual steps you suggested yields the following results:

  1. Clearing the browser’s cache and cookies: It works in 8 out of 10 attempts.
  2. Disabling any browser extensions that may block scripts or cookies: No extensions are being used.
  3. Trying a different browser or device: It works on different devices, incognito mode, and different browsers.

however, the primary objective is to ensure smooth functionality without the need for manual intervention, such as clearing cookies, cache, or switching browsers.

Let me know if you have further queries related to the issue.

I am m not quite sure how the highlighted warning is connected to the original problem. Is this normal, or should I expect a more direct relationship between this warning warning and the initial issue?

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Facing the same issue. I’m a legit user, not using any extensions, using Firefox, and I’m falling into the same loop in which I click the checkbox to verify, it says “Failure!” and logs a 600010 error in my console. Then the widget is re-rendered but same thing when I click the checkbox.

It was working as expected the other day.