Renewing wildcard certificate


We have a wildcard ssl certificate for that was generated on Digicert and will expire by end of this month. On Cloudflare, i can see the universal certificate for the same domain is still active until 2 Aug 2021 and is set to auto renew. Can you please advise if the digicert certificate needs to be renewed? Or if there is anything needed to be done on Clodflare portal before the Digicert one expires?

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Hi @obaid.rehman,

You do need a certificate on your server. That could be a paid one from your certificate authority, a free one from somewhere like Let’s Encrypt or a Cloudflare Origin Certificate (only valid if you are proxying through Cloudflare). This is to encrypt the second half of your connection between Cloudflare and the server.

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Hi domjh,

Thanks for your reply, it makes sense now. i’ll renew the one in Digicert while Cloudflare will take care of the universal certificate that’s used for encrypted session between Cloudflare and our server.

Thanks for your help again.

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