Renewing SSL to avoid getting offline



Just had my site offline, and a bit hence and forth to the host, ends with them wrting this:

"You might try and get in touch with CloudFlare and see if they can allow requests to the ‘.well-known’ folder to go through so your SSL certificate can be automatically renewed in the future.

This would prevent you from having to re-point the domain and manually renew and may make things much smoother for you."

Im not quite sure what to do in Cloudflare. Does anyone here have a clue?


Cloudflare doesn’t block access to the .well-known directory. I know this because I use .well-known for my mta-sts subdomains.

You can test this with a command like:
You’ll need to SSH to your server to first find out what file you’re looking for.

An easy way to avoid this would be to use Cloudflare’s Origin Certificate which is good for 15 years.

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