Renewing ssl certificate

I moved my domain lately to Cloudflare.
I used to have a ssl certificate (PositiveSSL) that is about to expire.
I don’t know if I have to renew and update it or if Cloudflare takes care for the ssl issue.

Cloudflare can only secure the connection between visitors (e.g. browsers) and the Cloudflare Edge, which can be done for free using Universal SSL, or, if you require additional options, through the paid add-on called Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM).

Both of these are only managing the certificates on the Cloudflare Edge.

You still need to secure the connection between the Cloudflare Edge, and your own server on your own, just like you’ve done up to now, using the mentioned PositiveSSL certificate.

You can do so using certificates like the PositiveSSL that you mention, until it expires. But it can also be done with free certificates from e.g. Let’s Encrypt, that you can actually automate the issuance and renewals with, on your own server.

As another alternative to these options, you can also obtain an Origin Certificate from Cloudflare, however, these would only work together with Proxied (:orange:) DNS record(s).

If you have one or more services that needs to be secured, but cannot run through the Cloudflare Proxy, e.g. services that require to be configured with Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only record(s), Origin Certificates CANNOT be used there, and therefore still require you to obtain a valid certificate elsewhere.

Thank you very much for the full reply.
Have a great day!

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