Renewal Payment issue

Hi Team,

We are trying to add the credit card and do the payment, we are unable to add the credit card and same card we are able to use for other transactions. Initial payment is done through same credit card.

Please help to process the payment and even forwarded the mail to support but no reply . Cloudflare team trying to do he renewal payment still same issue. please help us.

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Edukondalu P

@Laurie can help you with billing link :paperclips:

Also Post the ticket ID here !

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Ticket ID is 2389476 and please do the needful.

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I am sure Laurie will help you As soon as Possible , Please wait till her Reply

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Hi Neeraj,

We did not get any reply till now , is there any other options to reach them and explain about issue.

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No , but I am Sure that you can Except a Reply from Soon

The Billing team might be Busy , So Please be Patient !

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I’ve just notified @Laurie about this thread! As @Neeraj_1 mentioned, wait for her reply!

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Hi @user96910,
First you will need to have the super admin for the account open the ticket, as our team will only be able to share details with them. Also note that the super admin for the account is the only user that is authorized to update the payment method on an account. I checked your ticket and am not seeing the error code that you received in the screenshot?


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