Renewal Fails Silently


I’ve got a surprise email today saying that my email marked in “Auto Renew” has expired. When I went to the registrar page I’ve seen that both my domain names were marked as “Auto Renew” but both had expiration days set to either yesterday or tomorrow and didn’t renew.

I tried to manually renew them, I’ve got the purchase button, clicked, got the green confirmation bar. However, no email confirmation and no email from paypal.

I went to the billing settings ensured that my paypal is there. Tried again, same thing. I added back my paypal as a backup billing and set it as default. This time it worked.

My guess is that I probably removed the authorization on Paypal when I do a regular cleanup of services.

I think that the service should ensure that paypal is linked properly, that when you click purchase it confirms with paypal that it has billed properly, and receive an email saying that the purchase has failed due to billing issues.


May I ask if you have tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and your billing issue?

What is the result for nslookup of your domain?
Is the domain still pointing to Cloudflare nameservers?

Maybe @Laurie could help you here.

Hi @zeapo,

Checking our ticket system I was not able to locate any ticket from you regarding this. As registrar services are processed by the registrar team, I would recommend that you go ahead and create a ticket regarding the failed payment notification as this should be going out for any failed payments.

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My issue was solved manually as I explained in the post by creating a backup billing, using as default and deleting the previous one.

I didn’t feel the need to create a ticket as it was solved. I created the post just to point an issue that might happen with the billing and renewal process.

Kind regards