Renew SSL for Clickfunnels pages

I’ve contacted my host and they’ve activated my SSL certificate. I’ve updated wordpress and my Divi WP theme, which Clickfunnels says I needed for a security issue and they say Cloudflare must renew the SSL for the affected pages.

My optin form and pop up optin form, created at Clickfunnels, don’t populate and show the following two error msgs below:

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Please advise. Thx.

Right…but it looks like your CNAME for that points to Clickfunnels is set to :grey:, so it’s not using your account’s Cloudflare settings.

Clickfunnels needs to address this, as it’s their Cloudflare account with the expired certificate.

Thx for the reply sdayman. I forgot to mention that.

When I click the grey cloud to change to orange, it won’t stay and immediately returns to grey.

There shouldnt be any cloud in the first place.


What are you saying?

Are you saying the grey cloud shouldn’t appear at the end of that line?

If so, how do I remove it?

Clickfunnels insists this is a Cloudflare issue. I’ll contact them again.

Can you post a screenshot of that entire record in question?

As sdayman already pointed out, the problem simply is the certificate has expired. Being on their Cloudflare account they are responsible for that renewal. Whether they might then have to contact Cloudflare themselves is another issue and depends on their agreement with Cloudflare, but your primary contact should be your host. Cloudflare - directly - cant do anything for your site.


When you say screenshot of the entire record, what would you like? A pic of my DNS page?

Yes, but a screenshot of the row for that particular CNAME is sufficient.

Thats interesting. As I mentioned earlier I wouldnt expect there any cloud to be at all, respectively there should be the info icon.

Which browser are you using?

But as for your issue, thats something your host needs to fix, as they are using Cloudflare themselves maybe in cooperation with Cloudflare, but there is nothing that could be directly on your account.

Using Chrome.

This has worked fine for quite awhile. Checked it last week and this showed up. There is a comment on the cname and it reads, “Modified 19 days ago.”

Ok, should my SSL on the crypto page be set to Full?

The TLS setting of your account should not have any influence. That record points straight to their IP address.

Thank you.

The dashboard didn’t/doesn’t always properly know if a CNAME points to a host that’s already on Cloudflare. That’s why there are some CNAME records around that still have a cloud option when it shouldn’t.

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