Renew SSL before expired

I have SSL with wildcard domain, can I renew SSL certified before the expiry period, how to do it? has anyone tried

Hi, could you provide more information? Such as the website address and where is your certificate configured (if in Cloudflare or you origin server). I don’t have much experience configuring certificates in Cloudflare myself but if someone were to jump in and help they would surely need more details.

my certificate configured in cloudflare, using proxy forward to origin server,
is it possible if I make a new certified to replace present cert before expired it.

Hi @it1113,

If you have a Cloudflare Universal or Dedicated certificate, these will be renewed automatically before expiry. If you are on a Business or Enterprise plan and have a custom cert uploaded, you will need to renew this and upload the new one.

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hi @domjh i have universal cert with pro plan, its posible to create new one to replace present cert

Cloudflare’s systems do this automatically.

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