Renew expired cloudflare ssl certificate

Hi guys! Help me please.How can I renew my expired cloudflare ssl certificate ? Or does it extend itself automatically?

How did you create your SSL certificate?
Did you used Cloudflare Origin CA certificate or have purchased an Dedicated SSL certificate from Advanced Certificate Manager?

Moreover, Cloudflare handles certificate renewal automatically.
Cloudflare Universal SSL certificates will automatically renew as long as you are using Cloudflare Name Servers for your domain.

Also to note, as your WWW record under the DNS tab at Cloudflare dashboard is :orange: cloud, which is one of the methods that allows Cloudflare to automatically verify the Universal SSL certificate renewal for your domain.

If it is an Let’s Encrypt certificate at your host/origin and you are using Cloudflare, I suppose you would need to check at this article due to renewing:

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