Rendering problem only with the homepage

Hi everyone (:

Every time I set up Cloudflare, I only have a problem with the homepage. I have no problem with the other pages.
To see the page correctly I must always refresh once.

Could it be a cache problem?

Screenshots are attached.
Without Cloudflare I don’t have the problem.
Can you help me?


I was able to replicate this, but repeat visits through the same Cloudflare Datacenter show the page correctly, so I couldn’t troubleshoot. I didn’t have my browser’s Dev Tools open the first time to see where the error was.

It looks like a theme or plugin file didn’t load quickly enough to render the page, but once that file is cached, the page renders correctly.

Maybe the next person who checks this will have their Dev Tools open to look for errors the first time around. I tried my Tor VPN, but got a cookie check, then hCaptcha and gave up.

Thank you man for your attempt.

Every time you want see it you just need to start a incognito mode after clear cache of your browser.

Exatly, every time you refresh the page everything looking good… I’m going crazy :exploding_head:

I appreciate your support

Can somebody read my issue and give some advice?


I don’t see any issues from my side.

Sorry, I was able to replicate your issue. Let me take a look.

Here’s the HTTP response headers comparison between first load and second load:

And here’s the comparison for HTTP request headers:

You might need to check the settings inside Plesk, looks like it relies on the “cache-control” request headers to actually serve a proper webpage. When there’s “cache-control” header in HTTP request, the value of “x-cache-status” header in HTTP response will become BYPASS instead of HIT (Note: not cf-cache-status header)

I’m not sure what caused this, but you may start to troubleshoot from this information given.