Render-blocking JavaScript from Cloudflare

We get an error as render-blocking JavaScript:

This script is from Cloudflare. Is there a better way to manage/avoid this?


You’ll have to turn off Rocket Loader to stop that script from appearing.

I disabled Rocket loader, But still, the issue persists. Should I delete all page rules too?

@jules / @benny.a this is definitely not Rocket Loader - the JS file for Rocket Loader is named rocket-loader.min.js so it’s easy to spot. That particular JS file has “apps” in the path indicating it is a Cloudflare app you have installed.

To understand more about that, my answer to a previous topic is relevant here:

The summary is app developers can choose whether to embed their JS in render-blocking fashion or not. You’ll need to contact the app author to ask them whether this is intentional and if they would consider changing the App’s placement so that it is not render-blocking.

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