Render Blocking issues

Hi, I’m new to the community and Cloudflare in general. I have been trying to use cloudflare to speed up my website - however am struggling to get a decent score when I’m looking at PageSpeed Insights
my website is:

It looks like I am still getting render blocking that I am have been trying to get rid of, I’m running wordpress, X theme pro with W3TC with the cloudflare extension.

The other issue I am facing seems to be something relating to rocket launcher - I cant see if this is normal or not:

Any advice at this stage would be really useful as I have exhausted all options to improve things with my knowledge or other resources at this point.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I am afraid that will be a question rather for a Wordpress forum than here.

It seems the complaint is that Rocket Loader takes 0.6 seconds. I wouldn’t really consider it an issue to be honest, but if you experience performance issues you could disable it at

Thanks for you guidance - no I dont consider it a big issue - its just because it was reported.

Rocket Loader occasionally does break things, in which case disabling might be the best choice. In such a case you could also open a support ticket and report the issue, but support won’t necessarily take action.

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