Removing Zero Trust configuration broke my DNS

My domain is unable to show its content.

It was working well and I can confirm my host are running fine when Zero Trust was active.

After I remove Zero Trust config, I can’t access my domain anymore.

  • Removed the config and re-add back, not working
  • Remove proxy, not working
  • Remove DNS, added back, not working

Appreciate the assistance. Let me know where I can share my domain information for you to assist further.

This is the output my current domain is seeing currently.

For some unknown reason, it works now.

Suspecting its caching, but thanks!

For others if you face this, give it some time (took me ~1 hour)

My guess is that the configuration change was slow to take effect due to the various issues going on with Cloudflare today.

This is a community forum. Cloudflare users supporting other users. If you would like to open a support issue, you can do so via the dahsboard and speak to Cloudflare employees. @thedaveCA is attempting to be helpful, if you don’t find it helpful please feel free to posit a better solution.

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