Removing sections of website from Cloudflare CDN

We’ve just moved a website onto Cloudflare’s CDN on Monday this week, but our payment provider has gone from flagging 2/3 suspected spam payments a week to upwards of 40 in one day. This is due to traffic getting routed through the same Cloudflare IP addresses. Is there any way to completely remove the payment area (which sits on the same domain as our main website) from Cloudflare’s CDN so that this stops happening?

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Not that I’m aware of - proxying is done on the DNS level which isn’t aware of paths.

I don’t know why your payment provider would see that as an issue - I’ve never heard of that though.

As @KianNH says, you can’t do anything simple at Cloudflare but there are other solns such as having you backend using X-Forwarded-For (or True-Client-IP if on your plan) instead of the Cloudflare proxy IPs you currently see.

Here’s a nice summary of how to restore ‘real’ visitor IPs when using Cloudflare:

An alternative soln is to move payment gateway to a different subdomain on which proxying is not enabled, too.

TL;DR there’s ways and means but they’re not click, click, boom.


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