Removing old urls after migrating site server from GoDaddy

I have recently rebuild my existing website in Kajabi (from Wordpress) and moved the name servers from GoDaddy to CloudFlare. Everything appears to be working fine however the google indexing is showing outdated links under my domain and I can’t get rid of them.
I have tried Google Webmasters tool but it’s saying my url’s don’t exist.
Can you help?!
Thank you

I am afraid that is not a topic for Cloudflare. You primarily need to clarify this with Google. All you could do on your server-side is configure a catch-all for 404s which redirects to your main page for example, but that as well is a topic rather for StackExchange than here.

Thank you. I have managed to submit a temporary bloack via googl webmaster tool. Hopefully that will work! I will also look at Stack Exchange to redirect an 404s. Thank you

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