Removing NS subdomain delegation

Has anyone got experience “un-delegating” a subdomain?

We have our www subdomain delegated to another CF account (the other account is an enterprise CMS vendor). There are 2 NS records set up in our CF account for www with 2 CF nameservers (not the same ones used by our account).

We no longer want www delegated. I want to remove the NS records and add a CNAME record to another hosting service. This is exactly what I’ve done - I removed the NS records and added a CNAME, but 24 hrs later nothing has changed - the name servers have remained the same and traffic is still proxied to the CMS as set up in the vendor’s CF account.

My question is how can I get my subdomain back? I can ask the vendor to delete the subdomain from their systems (which will remove it from the CF account but also delete the website), but when I do this is it going to cause a huge multi-hour outage while waiting for the NS records to change? From what I read online I think it doesn’t matter which CF name servers are being used, but I can’t take that risk.

Thanks in advance!


I suspect the issue has nothing to do with delegation and NS record propagation. With your new CNAME, do you plan on having the record :orange: or :grey:?

It sounds like hostname priority is the cause here. Once your old provider removes your property from their account the requests for www will start to hit your account, and the CNAME in your account will be used. (This assumes everything is :orange:). I would expect zero downtime, provided the target of the CNAME is working correctly.


Hi Michael,

Yes that’s what I’m hoping. If www is deleted from the other account, CF should start immediately processing requests for www accoring to the CNAME set up our account. We have enabled Proxy mode so it will hopefully just start proxying the the traffic to the new origin immediately. :crossed_fingers:

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