Removing "Not Secure' Wording

Hi All,

I’m creating videos for clients via a third-party application. Output for the videos takes two forms; an embed code and a ‘share link’.

Having the Agency Rights allows me to use a customised URL ( to which the ‘share code’ is added (

And herein lies the problem. The ‘share link’ results in the wording ‘Not Secure’ apprearing next to the URL, see image below.

Apparently this happens because the third-party application uses AWS and it’s a querk within the system!

Is there a way around this in Cloudfare and if so how? is not using Cloudflare.

For a domain that is using Cloudflare, you might try going to the SSL/TLS section’s Edge Certificates options and enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”. Hopefully that would fix it.

Enabling HSTS for the domain and its subdomains might also force browsers to rewrite it as HTTPS.

Okay, thank you.
I’m not using Cloudfare at the moment, but will to try your suggestions.
Sadly it’s not something I’ve had experience of doing before, but i’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

1 Like is hosted with Siteground who work closely with Cloudfare. So i will speak to them before proceeding any further :slight_smile:

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