Removing Load Balancing Subscription

I removed a site from Cloudflare in June.
But only Load Balancing subscription was remained.
I found it in new invoice.
I would like to unsubscribe Load Balancing.
Could you teach me to how to unsubscribe Load Balancing.
Or Unsubscribe Load Balancing by the support desk, please.

Load Balancing is an account-wide subscription. It should show up under Subscriptions in the Billing section of your profile. Try cancelling it there.

Thank you for replying.
I could see the Subscriptions “Load Balancing” in Billing Secttion.
I clicked the word “Load Balancing”, then the screen wass changed to Websites section, and it was showed “Select a domain”.
But I already removed a websites.
Shoud I add the removed websites domain again.

I read Subscriptions in Billing section again.
Load Balancing’s Service Status is “Ending on Jul 10,2022”.
I think Load Balancing was ended on Jul 10th and it was unsubscribed.

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