Removing FBCLID?

Hi I’m trying to use cloudflare pages.

I am trying to redirect this

To This.

Is there anyway I can way I can use _redirects to make this happen.

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Hello there, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by using Cloudflare pages to perform a redirect? Could you please clarify?

Are you referring to Page Rules? If so, you can benefit from Cloudflare Rules for Single Redirects.

Find Example rules on this link below:

If I have misinterpreted your request please do feel free to let me know with further clarification, and I’ll be happy to help.

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Thank you for the response. Let me see how to word this better.

I have cloudflare pages, and I also have Apache and Nginx

Nginx and Apache allow me to remove fbclid which appears to be a query string.

I used to be able to use page rules to remove the query string on any project I had using cloudflare pages.

Now that Page Rules is going to be sunset - what can I do now?

I still want to find some way to remove fbclid - I’m guessing that it’s a query string given the fact that Nginx and Apache allow me to remove fbclid with a rewrite rule for query strings.

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Thanks for the details.

Have you had the chance to review the link in my previous message regarding example rules of single redirects? In the examples you’ll see the options to set URL redirects, preserving or not the query string.

Also, you may want to review or documentation on page rules migration guide

I found out how to make this work.

( eq “” and starts_with(http.request.uri.query, “fbclid”))

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