Removing custom nameservers

I plan on removing the Cloudflare zone custom nameservers. I know I can do it through the dashboard.

I have changed my registrar back to jean and ray. This change was done more than 24 hours ago.

Using something like DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool ( I see that only a couple of servers show jean and ray, with the others showing the ZCNS

I wonder if I can use the dashboard to remove the ZCNS or should I wait longer until all show jean and ray?


You change your nameservers at your registrar. Since that’s not Cloudflare any more, you don’t need to do anything at Cloudflare.

Thanks. I know and done that. Just wondered if there is anything else to change later on CF itself.

Wait, are you talking about the customized nameserver aliases on the Business Plan? If so, I misunderstood, and yes, you can remove that at any time (the standard Cloudflare nameserver settings will work at any time).