Removing Cloudflare with No Account Access

I was given Wordpress and GoDaddy access to Lowcountry LEAP Ministry’s .org site and fully redesigned their website. We do not have reliable contact with the person who originally designed and set up the site. There is no mention of Cloudflare on either Wordpress nor GoDaddy. I never heard of Cloudflare until I see the front end of my site is showing “[email protected]” with a link saying it’s because of Cloudflare? I have no login to Cloudflare (made this account only to post and ask for help). No access to the email that the account might have been connected to (I assume maybe the original designer? But she says she’s never heard of Cloudflare either when I was able to contact her).

How can I dissociate from Cloudflare so I can show the email needed to help potential donors ask questions?

Cloudflare looks like it has helpful tools, but my experience does not match since the only thing it seems to be doing to my site is block necessary information.

Contact your domain registrar, change your nameservers to a pair they provide. Create DNS entries which point to your true origin for all records you need.

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