Removing Cloudflare captcha

Sometimes cloudflare inserts a captcha when someone requests the website.

Can someone tell me how to remove the captcha this? I dont want any captcha because its my app tat is accessing the website, and putting a captcha in there is causing my app to crash because its expecting a JSON strong back and not HTML captcha.

All my firewall rules are turned off, yet the captcha still appears.

Can someone please tell me how to stop cloudflare putting that there.


Lower your security level to “Essentially off”.

Thanks, where do i find the security level? I dont have any firewall rules active, but still there is the capture being presented still.

Firewall settings I believe

I don’t see it anywhere in the Firewall settings,

The only way I found to access it now is to go to the “Overview” tab for your site, then toggle on “Under Attack Mode”, then toggle it off, and then, you can select your security level.

This is a really strange way of accessing this important feature

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