Removing cloudfare website

I moved from godaddy to cloudflare by redirecting the DNS server etc.
It worked for a while then stopped. Today is monday and i need to go back to goddady for now, till next weekend.
I tried all options by disabling the SSL certificate I set etc but it didnt work so I removed the website from cloudflare completely.
My problem is that my website is not accessible now and I dont know what to do. This is very urgent.
I need to remove the DNS mapping for now:
my website:

My browser is saying: sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
even though I cleared the cache, cleared certificates, restarted computer, etc…

Hi @slim.jdidi,

Your website seems to be removed from Cloudflare OK - the nameservers point to GoDaddy fine.

I don’t think Cloudflare is involved any more, and you probably need to take any issues to your web host.

I suspect something broke at GoDaddy’s end, if they host the site, given that it still doesn’t work with Cloudflare out of the question, now.

I called them
THey said everything seems fine from their end
could it be that my wordpress website has been changed by cloudfare? like adding https instead of http that broke it?

Cloudflare can’t have changed anything on your server. It is possible that you changed the WordPress site URL to HTTPS when you switched to Cloudflare.

If it is broken, it doesn’t look very ‘fine’ to me! Now your site points straight to them, it can’t be an issue with Cloudflare.

When using Cloudflare, your site should function fine with it disabled. If you use SSL, you should have SSL at your web host as well.

That was it
WHen switching to cloudfare, I clicked on the option to transform http links and media to https and to minify javascript etc…
When reverting back, one needs to re-edit them in the database manually

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