Removing a website

I do not have the password to get into the website and I need to be able to update it, or take it down until I can update it. How do I proceed? Nobody in the organization has the contact info or password for the site.
Any help would be appreciated!

What’s the domain?

I do not know. The website is www. acadia-schoodic .org ( without the spaces, I hope that helps you to help to me!)

That domain is using Cloudflare right now but if you do not have access to the Cloudflare account you will need to point it to another nameserver or to a different account. Contact your domain registrar for details on how to change the nameservers and point them to your host and to any other appropriate nameserver.

Could you tell me who that person is?

The place where you registered the domain and whom you pay for the domain fees. Seems to be

Thank you. I will start there. I really appreciate your help!

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