Removing a url from cloudflare when you don't have access

I now host a website that was connected to cloudflare. How do I remove the url from cloudflare or move it to my account?

Do you have access to the domain registration at the registrar?

No I do not

Then you’re out of luck. Without access to the registrar, you can’t move the domain to your account. If you don’t have access to that other Cloudflare account to manage that domain, then you’re completely out of luck.

I have sites on cloudflare (via cname not dns) but I am not a registrar, just a website host. So why MUST I have registrar access?

It sounds like you have webhosting for a domain, but you don’t have access to any active DNS for that domain. Is this correct?

I have access to DNS records that were “carried over” and I deleted the 2 references to cloudflare that I found in there. Is that enough? Do I still have to log into that specific cloudflare account in order to truly delete it or is having it removed from DNS records enough?

At this point, I don’t have a visual on what points where. If you could provide concrete information, such as the domain name and screenshots of the DNS records in question (with IP addresses blacked out), that would help.

After I deleted the 2 dns records related to cloudflare I tried to add to cloudflare using CNAME method. It just created the same 2 records I deleted. I have no access to nor does anyone else have knowledge of what cloudflare account it is presently under. Therefore, does that mean I can never get it connected to cloudflare until by luck someone actually goes into that account, deletes it and I try for craps and giggles to connect it to cloudflare and it works?

Correct me if I’m wrong:

  • acesuccess is registered at Network Solutions (you do not have access there)
  • That domain is using Hostgator DNS (you do not have access there)
  • It is hosted at Unified Layer (you do have access to this)
  • The site works

This part is unclear:

Where are these DNS records?

In my cPanel and it is not hosted by Unified Layer. Never ever heard of them. I have my server through A2Hosting.

I tried logging into hostgator earlier today but no luck. I am sure she closed the account once her 2 sites were transferred to my server. The transfer was accomplished by changing the A record not the nameserver.

I NEVER had access to her network solutions account.

A2Hosting is probably using Unified Layer’s colocation hosting. Ok, so that’s your server.

HostGator can’t be closed, because that’s authoritative DNS for the domain. If that were to shut down, the domain would completely die because the registrar points to HostGator for DNS.

Where did you change the “A” record?

Pretty sure at hostgator as I had access to it. The change over was about 8 weeks ago. Would getting into hostgator solve the cloudflare issue or do I need Network Solutions access?

You really need Network Solutions access. Not just to make your life easier because you’ll be able to easily use Cloudflare DNS, but because that’s where the ownership of the domain takes place. That’s a really good domain name, and the owner (your client?) sure wouldn’t want to lose it if it expired or had some other registration problem.

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