Removing a Siteground Cloudflare domain

We have a domain registered with Siteground, which makes use of CloudFlare through their own system. As such, it appears listed in my Cloudflare account as “CloudFlare Plan WAF”.

Since migrating our site to their new SiteTools software, the DNS has been interfered with on a few occasions by their system and they’ve said that this is unavoidable, as we have subdomains hosted externally. They’ve suggested that we move the DNS to an external CloudFlare account as this is the only way that we can ensure that it won’t happen again.

I’m not able to add the domain to CloudFlare as it “already exists” (albeit in this “CloudFlare Plan WAF” format). I’m not clear whether I can safely remove this CloudFlare Plan WAF domain from CloudFlare and re-add it as a “normal” domain without it interfering the DNS on siteground?

Obviously I don’t actually want my site to go down so the DNS should remain as-is until I’ve switched over the nameservers so, ideally, I can just remove it from the CF dashboard, then replace it with a fresh DNS zone and change the nameservers accordingly.

Thanks for any advice.

If you want to remove a site from cloudflare click “remove site from cloudflare” Screenshot 2021-04-01 8.54.41 AM
A confirmation page will appear
Screenshot 2021-04-01 8.55.35 AM
Then click confirm, you will get an email saying that the zone has been removed!

Thanks, @AppleSlayer, for getting back to me.

So, there is clearly a link between the Cloudflare account and Siteground account – given that it says that

Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

Are you saying that if I remove the zone from Cloudflare dashboard, it won’t affect the DNS at the Siteground end?

I don’t know if it will affect it at the ground end, but if it does you’ll have to re-configure the DNS


Hi @mariusz,

Thanks for the tag and sorry for the delay in getting a reply here.

Is there a way at Siteground to unlink your domain from, or remove Cloudflare? My thinking would be that you would be best taking Cloudflare out of the equation at Siteground so your site works normally using their DNS. Once you’ve disabled Cloudflare on their end, you should then be able to remove the domain here and re-add it on a normal Cloudflare plan without the risk of something breaking if you try and do that while Siteground is routing traffic through Cloudflare.

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Hi @mariusz,

adding to what @domjh said above.

From this (How to manage Cloudflare CDN?) Siteground support page it seems under the subdomains tab there is an activate button. This would, presumably, turn into a deactivate button after activation. I would look there.

You will need to remove the Cloudflare zone from Siteground before you are allowed to activate the same domain on a different Cloudflare account.

At the moment, you are on a Partial Setup, which is a type of configuration used by hosting partners where all DNS records for your zone are managed via the partner platform.

You’ll want a Full Setup, which sets Cloudflare as your authoritative DNS and gives you control over your managing your DNS records.

Question is, how do you do so without any downtime?

Before making the switch, try the following actions:

  • Populate the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard with all the records that you require. (Note: There will be issues with adding TXT or MX records until the change to full setup is actioned)

  • For proxied (orange clouded) multi-level subdomains (eg: ) you will need to provision an advanced certificate and add any second/third/etc… level subdomains as custom hostnames, so those are covered by an SSL certificate

  • Confirm your DNS record entries in the dashboard, including adding MX and TXT records (make sure you orange and grey cloud as appropriate)

  • Ensure you have disabled DNSSEC at your old provider (if enforced) and then delegate to your assigned Cloudflare nameservers

  • Wait for the zone to activate at Cloudflare (once we detect the nameserver change)

Note, there is no way to automatically transfer settings from one Cloudflare account to another, which means you’ll have to re-create all firewall rule, page rules, etc. You can import DNS records into your Cloudflare DNS dashboard in BIND format if Siteground allows you to export this.


Hi. I have a similar issue - except, I am no longer hosting with Siteground and they have washed their hands to me saying they show no records of anything on their end with my site.

I’ve sent a help request to Cloudflare but haven’t heard back yet.

Given this, what should I do to fix this? I get the same error message when I go to the DNS tab on the Cloudflare website (“Your DNS zone file is hosted by, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website”).


Can you post the ticket #? That should get someone on the case by tomorrow.

Hi. I believe it is #2130923

I love getting the runaround between two companies. One says “it’s not our issue, talk to them” (via electronic notice). The other says “we have nothing to do with it.” Meanwhile, the “customer” is stuck in the middle.

Whomever added the site to Cloudflare should remove it from Cloudflare, as it should be. You certainly don’t want it to be any other way. There are certainly worse messes to have to untangle. This one will just take a little extra effort and patience.

Preaching to the choir. I believe it got set-up a while ago when I set-up my hosting with Siteground. Once I migrated to another hosting provider I didn’t see (or don’t remember) any reminder to change the settings from Siteground. It seems to be a flaw in the process as I’ve seen a few others complain about this gap in Cloudflare’s protocol. I’ll see what they say if they respond in a day or two.


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