Removing a CNAME from a cloudflare deleted website

I describe the problem and how it arose.
Domain on SiteGround originally linked to an expired hosting space.
Siteground does not allow you to change the DNS regions of the domains, but only the nameservers, unless the domain is linked to a hosting space (I discovered this later).

I moved my website and email to another hosting space (Netsons).
Netsons does not authorize the use of its nameservers on other providers, but recommends adding the appropriate DNS type A records.

By exposing this problem to SiteGround, they advise me to contact CloudFlare to act as a bank: on SiteGround I could have put CloudFlare’s Nameservers and on Cloudflare the A records of netsons and the game would have been done. But at the time of doing it, a CNAME record on CloudFlare was missing, which is part of the paid plan.
So I thought at that point it would be better for me to transfer the domain to Netsons and we don’t talk about it anymore.
I canceled the operation on CloudFlare and bought the domain transfer that started, the EPP code passed.
However, the domain appears (also publicly on whois) in PendingUpdate status and the transfer has stopped; my client is on the second day who has no website and email.

Finally I phoned the Italian domain registry and it was explained to me that there is here on CludFlare a CNAME left for which the STATUS of the domain is on PendingUpdate.

All right, that’s all a bit unclear I am afraid.

What domain are we talking about and which CNAME record?

The domain is

I have to remove as CNAME
from the nameservers

This is what I check from

The issue here does not appear to be _dc-mx.58336f5e7a94 but rather that your MX record points to a CNAME record.

Change your mail record from a CNAME record to an A record and the issue should be fixed.

And make sure it’s set to :grey: DNS Only.

The domain didn’t use to use Cloudflare, was moved to Cloudflare only now. Actually, a proxied record wouldn’t fire that error message in that context. Not that it’s a good idea to proxy mail records of course :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m afraid to do more mistakes.
Step by step.
As I deleted the website from cloudflare at the moment I can change only nameservers on the origin host (Siteground) and to put te cloudflare ones.
Should I have to do it?

The domain status changed to OK.
Now I hope it can be tranferred.
I’ll let you know.

Check out these two articles

I resolved.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

The problem was not the mx record, but probably that I removed the website from cloudflare.

Damn me!

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