Removed team user still shown under users

The user is revoked and removed. However, it is still shown on the “My Team” dashboard.
Is there any way to completely delete a user from the team?

Same situation as mine. Looks like “Removed” users will be in this list forever.


Yes removed users will be froever in list you cant make it disapperar from the user list .

But I think There"s no Problem the user will not be allowed to login so No Worries

As long as the user is allowed to access an application as per Access policy, the user will become active again.

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Ok , Thanks for sharing me Knowledge for that

Take a Bow :man_bowing:

We had to create a new email alias for one of our employees because their account was suspended during the holidays. When they returned, it didn’t matter the settings we used; they wouldn’t receive emails from zero trust.


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