Removed domain still has 1 subdomain pointing to cloudflare

I removed my domain from Cloudflare and set the NS back to Ovh. All of the subdomains seem to work except for that somehow is still connected to Cloudflare. I have checked the DNS NS with this DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool and they all point to Ovh.

What can be the problem and how do I fix this?

The record itself does not point to Cloudflare any more.

Server:  UnKnown


However it seems as if your server actually sent a request to Cloudflare, where it then gets that 1001 error, and then returns that.

You best clarify that with whomever is responsible for your site and check what your server is doing and why it still sends requests to Cloudflare.

What do you mean with Check what your server is doing?

When i try to connect to it with the IP i get a 1003 error. How is this the case after i removed the domain from cloudflare?

Exactly what I already wrote

Cloudflare is not involved here any more, apart from responding to the request of your server.

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